In-House Lab

In-House Lab

We can offer Unique services in our  dental office due to our on-site laboratory. We work with skilled ceramists to craft intimidate dental restorations

Our In-House Lab allow us to ensure you get the smile you deserve and expect. Our on-site laboratory allows for instant dentures and one day crowns and give us a quality control like no other dental clinics in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

  • Personalized Attention and Craftmaship
  • Customized for Every Patient
  • Custom Shading of Crowns, Dentures and Vaneers
  • Quality Control
  • Quick Turnaround Time

Orthodontics Consultation


Includes Full Examination and Treatment Plan

X-Ray, Exam & Cleaning


Includes Initial Dental Exam, Complete Consultation, Cleaning and X-Ray. Excludes deep cleaning for Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease). $209.99 Value


We understand that many families stick to a defined budget to fulfill various financial obligations. Here at One Health Dental, we respect both your time and your resources, so we work to provide you with the most cost efficient, long-lasting solutions to your dental and orthodontic needs. Our practice accepts most insurance policies, and we can also provide patients with a manageable payment plan (CareCredit).


Some of the insurance plans we accept include: Medicaid, CHIP, All Dental PPO Insurance and Workers Comp. We are also one of the only dental clinics in the Dallas area that accepts LOPs (Letter of Protection). Our office staff will also file your claims and manage some communication with your insurance company as a courtesy to you. We can help you understand your policy’s benefits and limitations when it comes to specific forms of treatment.

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